1 + 1 = 1

What can you think about the title? Maybe I’m being too optimistic but that’s what I wish for myself. I want someone in my life with whom my heart will resonate. Two hearts but functioning as one. I want to know every bit of this Someone so that I can create a heaven for that someone and that will surely be a Haven for me. I know it’s like a fairytale or too poetic to be practically possible,but.. hey why not to expect happiness. I think it’s a basic desire. It’s not like I’m asking for million dollars.

As a person I can’t change the world but I can change the world for one person. Actually I’m being very selfish here by saying this. I’m only seeing my happiness in this. I know 1 + 1 = 1 is pretty rare to find. But you have known some couples, right? Don’t you envy them. I do. I get jealous sometimes. I’m ready to give my 1 but only if there’s another 1 who is also willing for this, without this condition nothing will make sense.

I know boundaries and personal space play a crucial role in relationships. Violating them may sometimes lead to serious trouble. Resonating your heart with your partner doesn’t mean to push yourself on one another. It’s pure understanding. It’s an art. Very few can handle this. People get so obsessed with one another they start doubting each other for no reason, I have seen that happenning to people.So getting possessive over somebody can lead to downfall in relationships.

So what’s the key to perfect relationship?  There isn’t a key. There are combinations which are varying with each passing day.You have to change the frequency of your heart according to your partner’s if you want to stay resonating !



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