Live the real life

           Are you the type of a person who listens to the music while showering? I used to be a bathroom singer. I still do that sometimes. But mostly I listen to my cellphone now a days. It feels relaxing and helpful. 

           We are so consumed by the internet and mobile phones , I feel lonely almost instantaneously when I step into shower. This should not happen, I guess. But can’t help it. So I tune the music on to fill the void created by the absence of my virtual world. We are so doomed by the social networking and internet addiction that reality don’t bother us anymore.

         The urge to keep yourself occupied with one thing or another, suggest that you are too afraid to just sit and do nothing. This can put thoughts in your mind and maybe you are running away from the thoughts. Maybe you are running away from your day to day problems and seeking happiness in social media. 

        But is it helping ? You have to ask this question to yourself. You have to know your real life is and your plan to improve it. There are times when you feel lonely and sad and your phone is your only companion. But you have to grow out of it, don’t get overly attached to it. 

          Overindulgence of anything has it’s own circumstances. There are so many things you can discover in the life.Try to live life without these fancy gadgets for once and you will feel different.Maybe you’ll start bathroom singing again😉



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