All that will matter

           Don’t you feel nostalgic when you think about school or college days and the moments you cherished with your loved ones. It’s mostly about the people you were surrounded with at that times. You are lucky if you have those same friends with whom you can laugh at those memories. It’s one of the best feeling.I consider myself lucky. Touchwood.

        I’ll not be the same person after couple of years or I was not the same person 2,3 years ago to what I am today. Change is inevitable. Change is the most permanent thing. You will understand what I’m saying if you observe your life closely.Things change,people change. Deal with it.You have to adjust with the new circumstances and possibilities.
        Growing up we meet lots of people some of them stick together some of them don’t. It’s life. You can’t force anybody to like you or you can’t do the same to everybody. Respect the people who stick with you no matter what. There are happy days and rough days, if they are tolerating you in both the situations; you should never let them go.

        In this fast age life you may lose touch with someone you care about. Or somedays you may feel left out. One should understand that life is not that simple now a days. Everyone is struggling. But real friends find there way out to meet up and catch up. Because they have gone through a lot together. They value it. They know every detail about each other and that makes them real.

          As you grow old nobody asks you about how much you scored in degree exam or what was your salary when you retired. But they will ask you how is your health ? How are friends and family ? So invest in them. Spend more time with them. Spend more time in improving your mental and physical health. It is all that will matter in future.




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