Self Motivation????

       Self doubts mingling in between the decision making process sometimes prove very harmful,that they sometimes appear to be irreversible.To grow out of it is quite a difficult task,but anyone knowing that he is consumed by self doubts and negative thoughts should consider himself lucky that atleast he knows what the problem is.

       Knowing the real problem will help in finding out the solution, and that solution will not be temporary;It will be a permanent one.

       Every person has self doubts atleast once in his lifetime,maybe due to failures or feeling of incompetance in any matter.There are times when nothing seems right.Everything you came across doesn’t seem to be doing any good to you. You start questioning yourself and your decisions not in an evaluating way but for the sake of doubting yourself.

           This can prove to be a bad patch in ones life. But you have to be focused and firm at your soul and have to asses the problem in hand to get benefited from the situation itself.Remember you are improving day by day. Tomorrow will be different than today.You just have to work hard and have to invest in yourself for your own betterment. Rome was not build in one day,Likewise don’t expect your life to change overnight.Get yourself out of your comfort zone.

          You are going to face so many such challenging situations, so many disapprovals,so many negative people discouraging you.. This is part and parcel of the life.Don’t get bothered by it..Grow out of it.. Remember there will be opportunities waiting for you,Welcome them warm heartedly.

Know the problem,Work the problem,Solve the problem!
There is nothing that can bring you down other than you…Never Give Up ! 



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