Comfort Zone

       Most of us, the people from middle class had most of our needs fulfilled since the childhood. The basic needs for human survival as well as the supplementary desires disguised as needs. Since childhood we were protected. We felt protected. I’m expressing on the behalf of my peers,who feel the similar way; not necessarily the same way.

         We had good education,good entertainment like TV and Internet. It’s not like it is everything ,but it was comfy. Living with parents having them to buy things for you seemed okay. 

       We never had a feeling to breach out from this comfort zone.We never wanted ourselves to be vulnerable.Most of us don’t know that,we have a ceiling above us ,a ceiling which has a clear sky beyond it. Sky of opportunities. But we are just ignoring it for the sake of losing our comfort. It’s with most of us. Very few are exceptions, who do something exceptional and break this ceiling from the force within them. 

       Time comes when we all have to crawl away from this zone.Those who manage to get out of this knowing the need of time, will get benefitted for sure. It is not necessary to chose a perfect or practical decision for your life, but it should be your own decision and you should be able to implement it with your whole heart.

       Nobody knows what will happen next.Nobody can plan their life. You just have to hope. You just have to break the ceiling for once. You have to leave this comfort zone for once and you will introduce yourself to the clear skies.Those who don’t want to leave the comfort zone, don’t want to take risk, they are just stuck there, waiting for someone to rescue them; not knowing the ceiling can only be broken from the inside.


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