Wordpress says share your story here…Okay WordPress I will share my story here…but I don’t know if I have a story to tell….I think I’ll have one when the time comes. Till then bear with my imagination and the conclusions I draw from life.

     Are these conclusions Stories? It’s hard to answer this question by myself. The things we feel,the things we observe are merely the conscious mind feeding the inputs to our subconscious. Those are not stories; those are perceptions. These perceptions are concealed in my mind. Rather everybody has his or her opinions about the world and the people of the world. 

            Everybody draws something from day to day experiences. Everyone thinks about things they go through. Some people notice very minor details,some people always go for the big picture ; It’s all about POVs. Having opinion is as important as respecting other person’s opinion. Everybody thinks differently.You can’t compare people based on their way of forming opinions.

         People form rigid opinions when they are vulnerable. People tend to think extremely when they are very happy or in great sorrow. You can’t manipulate one’s staunch beliefs generated in such an emotional way. People often judge and misjudge situations and other human beings in extreme emotional interference.

            I personally hate to have alone time when I’m trying out something new, I want to be busy and occupied all the time. If ever I get my mind empty, I usually go over the things which may have bothered me in sometimes before. I overthink. I start to think about future,about my relationships with close ones and what not. This can lead to change in opinions over some matters.That I generally don’t want to happen. I want to be stubborn. In a way I don’t want to accept new developments though thinking and analyzing situations can lead to the obvious truth; and which is often far from the preassumptions.


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