Mental health is the new success

Everyone of us know the intensity of one rising question in this modern age, stress and management of the same. We casually say that Stress is inevitable now a days and everyone has to face it. Most of us are quite accustomed with the idea of Stress Management. It is prevalent. But why ? Maybe it was of less concern couple of years ago, but today it matters than anything else. If you don’t have a sound mind, you can’t have a sound body. Mind at peace is the open secret of healthy lifestyle.

Just having money stashed in your accounts or having big muscular biceps without the mental satisfaction for the same will not heed to the steady composure. Don’t think the world as the Colosseum and you are a gladiator fighting for your life and to impress the spectators with your skills; there is no need for that. Life is actually very simple ,we unnecessarily make it complicated for ourselves. People of this new age are working incessantly for the uncertainties, it seems absurd sometimes. You work relentlessly for days and nights and garner the stress little by little and there’s an eventual breakdown, because the stress had became cumbersome to bear.

We have to address this problem together since individuals from every age group are falling for it. School going children to the elderly people, one can have this breakdown in any of the 4 stages of life ,news show that to us. We can have so many reasons for this, what has changed since past few decades is the boom in communication. Everyone on social media is trying so hard to look happy and with full of enjoyment,but its merely a pretence. Some people have many friends in their virtual friend list but in real life they can not talk to close ones about the troubles they are facing. I believe it is of utmost importance to have human contact ; be it with your friends or family. You have to share your emotions ,its okay to shed a few tears if it is going to sooth your mind and in some cases save your life. The masks we wear only fool ourselves.

Having a wonderful mind is essential in this fast pace life, because if you have a wonderful mind it is less likely that you will lose it facing the stressful situations.So try to nurture your brain with positive thoughts , read good books, try to get closer to the nature, keep some free time for yourself and do nothing in that time, absolutely nothing.Just stare at sky or take a walk every now and then . It helps for sure.You will get the results eventually. What is does is, it takes your mind away from the chaos and gives the correct solution to the problem, which otherwise would have troubled you if you had processed that problem hastily.


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