“Gaurav, stop it man…I’m not a cry baby!” said Sam politely.

“Oh! is that so? You were also crying at the last film we saw” added Gaurav to support his claims.

“Oh please, I’m a normal person, I get emotional sometimes.That movie was meant for that.Dont you understand?”Sam explained.

“Look , I didn’t shed a drop of tear” said Gaurav proudly.

Sam just laughed and showed a grin on his face. He thought it’s better to keep quiet than to fight over silly things with his best friend.

Gaurav was also not happy doing this, he was concerned about Sam, because he knew how emotional Sam was. Gaurav was in grave thought about what will happen to Sam,who will support him when they are not together.

Sam and Gaurav were small toweners. They were best friends. Shared every secretes with each other, they knew all about each other, they were like brothers to each other. But it’s almost the time when their paths are going to be different.


Gaurav got admission in metropolitan city. While Sam decided to persue his further studies in the town itself. His institute was a good one and had specialization subjects.Sam opted one such course which was available in his and very few other institutions.

Sam had very less friends, mostly nodding acquaintances.He was very shy and quiet type of kid since childhood. While Gaurav was a jolly person and had many friends across the town.

Sam had a dog named ‘Buzo’. He was a stray dog which was adopted by Gaurav and Sam when they were 8. They made a cardboard house for him and they fed him for couple of days. In this brief time they developed affection with ‘Buzo’ mostly Sam. One day Buzo didn’t show up. Sam was worried sick about Buzo’s whereabouts. He waited for him to return. But that never happen.

When he was 11 his grandma passed away. He was her little gem. She adored him and loved him.She fulfilled his demands of choclates and snacks. Sam was in emotional trauma. Sam got very emotional and his mind of child unknowingly restrained itself from attachments.

As he grew up he coveted books,he knew books will never leave him. He was turning into introvert. Gaurav constantly tried to help him out. He took him to movies,to bike rides over the time. It’s not that Sam didn’t enjoy it, he enjoyed it. But he never showed interest​ from his side for these fun stuff.

They went to primary school and highschool together but Sam never mingled with others as Sam did, or every other kid for that instance.

Sam loved his books,his small garden,his movie collection.He never gave a thought about investing in other humans.

Most of their classmates left there home for further studies or in search of jobs.Very few stayed in town.Sam chose the course partly because he had his interest in the course and partly he didn’t want to leave the home.

There were so many unfamiliar faces around Sam on his first day. Since the course provided was unique in its nature.Students from nearby cities and also from different parts of country had come. It’s been 2 years since the course has first started and students from different places are living in the town either as paying guests or on rent.

It was the month of june. Rainy season has just started. All outsiders were trying to get accustomed with their new town. It was the best time for Sam beacause he loved the nature and rains, he always loved to stare at that big tree which was at a hill situated away from his house on the other side of river. He loved that tree more in the rainy season.He can sometimes clearly see the clamouring clouds pouring water over it




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