What should one write that can be considered as novice? There is so much written material available about each and every question which was aroused at one’s mind.

        But still here I am, making an effort. Maybe there is still some room for expansion. Expansion of ideas and perception. Literature is expandable. Every now and then people tend to give their inputs to the preexisting topics. 

         Speaking of expansion, we human beings have so much among ourselves which can be given out to the world. I feel that this giving tendency is somewhat seized in our time. We don’t share anymore. We don’t converse now a days. Most of us listen to others just to counter them and not to comprehend. Just try to listen to others and don’t rush to reply. Let it sit there for a while.  

           Human thoughts and available knowledge is expandable,but what is not expandable is the void in one’s heart. Everyone has a void inside him that cannot be kept as it is, vacant. Everyone tries to fill that void by different means, somebody seeks love and friendship,someone can move out to hobbies and other enjoyable things, someone can fill this void by sharing and communicating with others. Everybody has his own way to not to keep his void empty.

             There are rare cases when the void is completely filled, why it is rare? Because then people will be called complacent and that’s not how life works. Now while looking at the other side; what about the ones who have vacant voids? People not getting love and happiness from surrounding,having no such motives to stay positive in life; such people often have aversion toward the surrounding because they find reasons of their unhappiness in others.Blame game.

            Keeping the void empty for long time can cause serious damage. Knowingly or unknowingly one should not take any part in emptying anyone’s void. Also if you feel your void is getting empty don’t allow it to run dry. Find other means and fill that void. Clinging to the empty ness of your void will not help you, rather it will enervate you. Finding alternatives and trying to fill that vessel of void with them will help you and your heart to heal.

        Garner good habits and hobbies that are recreational and that will never make your void go completely empty if ever situation comes. You’ll always have something to look upon. You’ll always have a zeal to face any situation good or bad. So believe in yourself and stay flexible. Rigidity might not always help. Learn to let go. 


         Wordpress says share your story here…Okay WordPress I will share my story here…but I don’t know if I have a story to tell….I think I’ll have one when the time comes. Till then bear with my imagination and the conclusions I draw from life.

     Are these conclusions Stories? It’s hard to answer this question by myself. The things we feel,the things we observe are merely the conscious mind feeding the inputs to our subconscious. Those are not stories; those are perceptions. These perceptions are concealed in my mind. Rather everybody has his or her opinions about the world and the people of the world. 

            Everybody draws something from day to day experiences. Everyone thinks about things they go through. Some people notice very minor details,some people always go for the big picture ; It’s all about POVs. Having opinion is as important as respecting other person’s opinion. Everybody thinks differently.You can’t compare people based on their way of forming opinions.

         People form rigid opinions when they are vulnerable. People tend to think extremely when they are very happy or in great sorrow. You can’t manipulate one’s staunch beliefs generated in such an emotional way. People often judge and misjudge situations and other human beings in extreme emotional interference.

            I personally hate to have alone time when I’m trying out something new, I want to be busy and occupied all the time. If ever I get my mind empty, I usually go over the things which may have bothered me in sometimes before. I overthink. I start to think about future,about my relationships with close ones and what not. This can lead to change in opinions over some matters.That I generally don’t want to happen. I want to be stubborn. In a way I don’t want to accept new developments though thinking and analyzing situations can lead to the obvious truth; and which is often far from the preassumptions.

Comfort Zone

       Most of us, the people from middle class had most of our needs fulfilled since the childhood. The basic needs for human survival as well as the supplementary desires disguised as needs. Since childhood we were protected. We felt protected. I’m expressing on the behalf of my peers,who feel the similar way; not necessarily the same way.

         We had good education,good entertainment like TV and Internet. It’s not like it is everything ,but it was comfy. Living with parents having them to buy things for you seemed okay. 

       We never had a feeling to breach out from this comfort zone.We never wanted ourselves to be vulnerable.Most of us don’t know that,we have a ceiling above us ,a ceiling which has a clear sky beyond it. Sky of opportunities. But we are just ignoring it for the sake of losing our comfort. It’s with most of us. Very few are exceptions, who do something exceptional and break this ceiling from the force within them. 

       Time comes when we all have to crawl away from this zone.Those who manage to get out of this knowing the need of time, will get benefitted for sure. It is not necessary to chose a perfect or practical decision for your life, but it should be your own decision and you should be able to implement it with your whole heart.

       Nobody knows what will happen next.Nobody can plan their life. You just have to hope. You just have to break the ceiling for once. You have to leave this comfort zone for once and you will introduce yourself to the clear skies.Those who don’t want to leave the comfort zone, don’t want to take risk, they are just stuck there, waiting for someone to rescue them; not knowing the ceiling can only be broken from the inside.

Self Motivation????

       Self doubts mingling in between the decision making process sometimes prove very harmful,that they sometimes appear to be irreversible.To grow out of it is quite a difficult task,but anyone knowing that he is consumed by self doubts and negative thoughts should consider himself lucky that atleast he knows what the problem is.

       Knowing the real problem will help in finding out the solution, and that solution will not be temporary;It will be a permanent one.

       Every person has self doubts atleast once in his lifetime,maybe due to failures or feeling of incompetance in any matter.There are times when nothing seems right.Everything you came across doesn’t seem to be doing any good to you. You start questioning yourself and your decisions not in an evaluating way but for the sake of doubting yourself.

           This can prove to be a bad patch in ones life. But you have to be focused and firm at your soul and have to asses the problem in hand to get benefited from the situation itself.Remember you are improving day by day. Tomorrow will be different than today.You just have to work hard and have to invest in yourself for your own betterment. Rome was not build in one day,Likewise don’t expect your life to change overnight.Get yourself out of your comfort zone.

          You are going to face so many such challenging situations, so many disapprovals,so many negative people discouraging you.. This is part and parcel of the life.Don’t get bothered by it..Grow out of it.. Remember there will be opportunities waiting for you,Welcome them warm heartedly.

Know the problem,Work the problem,Solve the problem!
There is nothing that can bring you down other than you…Never Give Up ! 


All that will matter

           Don’t you feel nostalgic when you think about school or college days and the moments you cherished with your loved ones. It’s mostly about the people you were surrounded with at that times. You are lucky if you have those same friends with whom you can laugh at those memories. It’s one of the best feeling.I consider myself lucky. Touchwood.

        I’ll not be the same person after couple of years or I was not the same person 2,3 years ago to what I am today. Change is inevitable. Change is the most permanent thing. You will understand what I’m saying if you observe your life closely.Things change,people change. Deal with it.You have to adjust with the new circumstances and possibilities.
        Growing up we meet lots of people some of them stick together some of them don’t. It’s life. You can’t force anybody to like you or you can’t do the same to everybody. Respect the people who stick with you no matter what. There are happy days and rough days, if they are tolerating you in both the situations; you should never let them go.

        In this fast age life you may lose touch with someone you care about. Or somedays you may feel left out. One should understand that life is not that simple now a days. Everyone is struggling. But real friends find there way out to meet up and catch up. Because they have gone through a lot together. They value it. They know every detail about each other and that makes them real.

          As you grow old nobody asks you about how much you scored in degree exam or what was your salary when you retired. But they will ask you how is your health ? How are friends and family ? So invest in them. Spend more time with them. Spend more time in improving your mental and physical health. It is all that will matter in future.



Ego and attitude

              Most people confuse ego with attitude. The meaning of ego is ‘I’. It’s healthy to have an attitude but it’s unhealthy to have an ego. When you care about somebody you try to make peace with that person after misunderstandings. It’s general trend. If you are egoistic , you may hold yourself back and you’ll look for that somebody to come to you.

       If both of the individuals are angry on each other and they are not considering the option of reconciliation then we can say that they don’t care for each other or the term ego is involved in this case.

            Sometimes you have to give time to each other after quarrels and fights. If there is too much involvement involved then it can get quite depressing at times. Because you start asking questions to yourself. Sometimes you don’t understand what went wrong.   

       Attitude is your ideology towards life. How you behave,how you treat people,how you handle tough situations. If you have your life sorted and if you know your priorities,then you can take your decisions accordingly; that’s an attitude.

           Ego and attitude are different than each other because; in case of an Ego you only think about yourself and in case of Attitude there is room for everyone you care. Attitude is more flexible term. It varies with person to person. While the term ego is same for everyone.


Live the real life

           Are you the type of a person who listens to the music while showering? I used to be a bathroom singer. I still do that sometimes. But mostly I listen to my cellphone now a days. It feels relaxing and helpful. 

           We are so consumed by the internet and mobile phones , I feel lonely almost instantaneously when I step into shower. This should not happen, I guess. But can’t help it. So I tune the music on to fill the void created by the absence of my virtual world. We are so doomed by the social networking and internet addiction that reality don’t bother us anymore.

         The urge to keep yourself occupied with one thing or another, suggest that you are too afraid to just sit and do nothing. This can put thoughts in your mind and maybe you are running away from the thoughts. Maybe you are running away from your day to day problems and seeking happiness in social media. 

        But is it helping ? You have to ask this question to yourself. You have to know your real life is and your plan to improve it. There are times when you feel lonely and sad and your phone is your only companion. But you have to grow out of it, don’t get overly attached to it. 

          Overindulgence of anything has it’s own circumstances. There are so many things you can discover in the life.Try to live life without these fancy gadgets for once and you will feel different.Maybe you’ll start bathroom singing again😉


1 + 1 = 1

What can you think about the title? Maybe I’m being too optimistic but that’s what I wish for myself. I want someone in my life with whom my heart will resonate. Two hearts but functioning as one. I want to know every bit of this Someone so that I can create a heaven for that someone and that will surely be a Haven for me. I know it’s like a fairytale or too poetic to be practically possible,but.. hey why not to expect happiness. I think it’s a basic desire. It’s not like I’m asking for million dollars.

As a person I can’t change the world but I can change the world for one person. Actually I’m being very selfish here by saying this. I’m only seeing my happiness in this. I know 1 + 1 = 1 is pretty rare to find. But you have known some couples, right? Don’t you envy them. I do. I get jealous sometimes. I’m ready to give my 1 but only if there’s another 1 who is also willing for this, without this condition nothing will make sense.

I know boundaries and personal space play a crucial role in relationships. Violating them may sometimes lead to serious trouble. Resonating your heart with your partner doesn’t mean to push yourself on one another. It’s pure understanding. It’s an art. Very few can handle this. People get so obsessed with one another they start doubting each other for no reason, I have seen that happenning to people.So getting possessive over somebody can lead to downfall in relationships.

So what’s the key to perfect relationship?  There isn’t a key. There are combinations which are varying with each passing day.You have to change the frequency of your heart according to your partner’s if you want to stay resonating !