Faith is the most deceiving word. How can one just rely on things to turn around. Isn’t it the meaning of faith? To rely on the future. 

   Keep faith! they say, not knowing the fact that the process of keeping faith can be dreadful. An individual losing every hope for achieving something may look for a miracle. Everybody hope for miracle but nobody wants to believe in Magic. 

       I feel Optimism and Faith are completely different terms. Optimistic people are those who do things honestly, give there 100 % and wait for positive outcomes.While faith is just a terminology which wants you to believe in life. Hope is more closer to faith than to optimism. Hope and faith both are philosophical.

           It’s both good and bad to keep faith. Because when you are strangled in some situation you can not resolve. You have to keep faith because anything else would not rescue you. You just have to hang in there. In that case you are not being optimistic but you are keeping faith in your life.

        Being optimistic will lead you to think about the positive end results, while if you kept faith it gives you the idea of things being turnt around the way you want. Not positive or negative; Just in the way they are meant to be.





        Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted to shut something in you but just can’t do it. Harder you tried to suppress a feeling in you, more you suffered. This may have happen with you in your life at some point or the other.

     Consider you are trying to stay away from a person you love for whatever reasons, you will find it difficult. If you truly love somebody its near to impossible. It’s like a Quicksand, more you struggle to get out from the pit faster you’ll drown. There’s no way you can get out of the quicksand, and struggling just make it worse.
      So how can somebody escape from the Quicksand? Maybe you can’t escape it with your own.You need external help. Say you get a rope or a stick thrown at you by someone as a gesture of help. You have to grab onto that. It’s better to be alive than to nurture your ego, that you are just fine by yourself.

            So whenever you feel like shutting down your feelings, don’t do it abruptly. Give some time to heal. We are humans not robots. Feelings should be treated wisely. Otherwise they can bring chaos and many unanswered questions you may not want to deal with.


Late night dilemmas

Uhh…. It’s been long time. I’m becoming insomniac or what? I was not like that, I have known some night owls but I was sure that I’ll not be one of them. But here I’m now.

Why this is happening? Maybe I think too much. Mostly it is career related. I’m about to finish my masters. But I’m in doubt if it’s the right thing to continue. Maybe I think too much. But it’s worth a recheck, right? You should do what you love , Or atleast love what you are doing….pfff…. I think I have still got some time so that I can focus on first part of this famous quote of Steve Jobs.

They say money is everything, yes it is true in many levels. But money should also bring happiness. Our society,school,family expect from us to GET A JOB. Lesser they know is this GET A JOB mentallty is killing so many dreams.

         Robert Kobiyashi in his book ‘Rich Dad,Poor Dad’ has primarily focused on breaking this GET A JOB phase of one’s mind. If you want to succeed you have to find your own path. I seek help from my friends on this matter. Whenever I’m in dilemma. I go to them. This is because while discussing things I rediscover my problem and that helps me a lot to look upon the things I once didn’t consider. That’s a good start, right?

By doing this at least I know where I stand. To know where you stand ,to know what is feasible to you are very important things in life. It only pushes you in forward direction. So talk to someone close to you.The individuals with genuine concern for you always lead you to positivity. You just have to keep faith in yourself​.